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my booth in Lewes Delaware


my booth in Lewes Delaware

It was a beautiful day for a show.


Rainy Sundays Are The Best


There’s just something special about a rainy Sunday. It’s a great reason to do nothing, or to do a lot, like cleaning parts of your house you forgot about for the past year…. I spent most of the day doing that kind of stuff

and getting some new things listed on etsy. I’ve finally started the shop again and try to do a little every day. Check it out with the link above my blog.
My first show of the season is an open house/happy hour this Wednesday, the 25th at my friend Paula’s house. Every year we do this in the spring at her home and in the fall at mine. It’s a lot of fun and not too much work. There will be 6 or 7 artists selling their wares, lots of food, drinks, shopping and friendship. Always a good time.