Monthly Archives: March 2018

They’re Not Just Words


I am sure that most of us have heard the quote, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Well, in my humble opinion, this could not be more wrong! I think the most important thing we can be in our life, is kind….in our words, deeds and actions. Not always an easy thing. In fact it can be pretty near impossible at times when faced with certain people and situations. It forces us to live in the moment and totally to be aware of the energy exchange. Every morning after I wake up, I give thanks for all of the countless blessings and wonderful things in my life, from the people that I love, my pets, this amazing home that my husband and I have shared for many years, and all of the details that I can think of… Then I challenge myself to live in the moment of that day and every day to follow, to be aware of the impact my words, thoughts and actions have on those around me and also myself, pausing and breathing before reacting. I’m not gonna lie, it is a challenge much of the time, there is so much dissension, blame and intolerance in our country right now, it breaks my heart. Not to sound too Pollyanna, but if we all just tried to find a little more kindness, acceptance and tolerance in our hearts to share with others this world would definitely be a better place.

Here on the East Coast this is been a long, cold, wet and dreary winter. I have spent much of the time by myself in my jewelry studio creating and making and thinking… As I create a piece I mindfully and intentionally infuse it with love and all of the good juju I can muster!!

Let’s all leave lots of kindness in our wake everyday!