Monthly Archives: February 2015

Snowy Memories


As far as bad winters go, we have been really blessed so far compared to so many others across the country. We awoke today to 6 or 8 inches of fluffy, powdery snow which is pretty rare in Delaware, especially near the ocean. We hear threats and promises, this time they delivered. Snow always makes me feel like a kid again even if it’s inconvenient, slippery, cold and a lot of work to move around. Growing up in the suburbs of Maryland, we got hit by lots of blizzards and snow storms. As a kid, I remember getting so bundled up I could barely walk, then sledding, building snow forts and having snowball battles until we were practically frost bitten. Moms would be hollering for their kids to get inside for tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate. We’d warm up and go right back out until we were called in again at dinner time, always hoping for another snow day and no school tomorrow! These memories are so vivid that it could have been last week.

Now our home is nestled in the woods near the Delaware coast which is iffy about snow. I have loads of bird feeders, they have been very busy today as I soon hope to be, ┬ábut right this minute I just want to watch and listen to the quiet. My cats are patiently waiting to get outside as my husband has been making a path for them. They enjoy bird watching as well. So many of my orchids and even my Christmas cactus are in bloom, as if to say that winter has no hold on them, for that I’m thankful as they add such a bright spot and a promise that spring will be here before we know it with it’s own beauty and unfolding memories. I have a feeling this will be a good day in the studio! Now if I would just get dressed……