Monthly Archives: December 2014

Navigating Trails of the Heart


A friend asked me if I had any new year resolutions  and if so, what they may be. We talked of things past and what was to come and I truly meditated on it this time around. The thing is, as we all realize at some point and as cliche as it sounds, being authentic, true to our own heart and soul and tuned into life is the best we can be not only for ourselves but for the world as a whole. Not just my life’s path or my dreams, but the collected lives of us all are transformed by “being here now.” Yeah, I know, it sounds deep and a little froo froo at the same time but here’s the buzz word, kindness. It takes awareness to be kind, especially when we’re angry, tired, frustrated or in a situation when we’re pissed off and it’s just really hard to be nice. This is what comes from deep inside, once we get passed our own crap and know that this can literally change the world. It’s the most we can give. It’s our heart. You never know what a person has been through,  and sometimes a smile or kind word may be the best thing that’s happened to them that day. But more than that, it transforms who we are, it makes us free and joyous and at peace. It’s healing in a world that desperately needs it. Speaking for myself, it is not always easy to be aware, I sometimes get sucked into stuff like negative conversations, gossip, complaining etc. that’s part of being human but I’m going to do my best to catch it quick and turn it around. My wish for you is a life filled to the brim with love, happiness and dreams realized.

I’ve been working on some new pieces over the holidays and can’t wait to get back at it full time this week. Here’s a peek.

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