Beginnings and Endings….Change is Good, Very Good!



In just a few days my four year old preschool class will be graduating from preschool to be in kindergarten next fall. It will be my last class. After 24 years of teaching I am not returning next year but will be focusing on making jewelry and following my heart. It is perfectly divine timing how it all falls into place. Yes, it is a little bittersweet and I will miss the smiles, hugs, laughter and craziness that is unique to 3 and 4 year olds but in 2 minutes I can have a visit and I know I’ll be welcome anytime. It has been a very good ride! My heart felt gratitude for awesome friends/coworkers that I’ve been so blessed to work with and especially for all of the families that have shared their most precious souls with us. That said, I am so very excited to have more time and energy to devote in the studio. Ideas and inspirations come to me daily and nightly……sometimes I’m just bursting with them!! The shows I’ve been a part of this season and my open studio days been beyond my expectations! I feel so blessed to have such truly wonderful customers, many who are, or become friends. Thank you truly and wholly for your support and appreciation, it means the world to me!!


About turtlemoondesigns

Sky watcher, dreamer, seeker, stone hoarder.... Finding a love and growing passion for metalsmithing happened as a later in life discovery. I taught preschool for 23 years, but started doing metal work as a hobby about 13 years ago. All I can say is that I get lost and found in it. Three years ago I "retired" from teaching, I'm way too young for that! Now I follow my muse, and feel more filled up in my heart and soul than I could have ever imagined, but I do miss those sweet little faces too!! What a truly amazing thing this has become, my life! Please feel free to contact me with questions or for custom work.

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  1. I’m very happy for you! It seems like perfect timing for you. Good luck with the future and Keep on enjoying your journey.

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