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Autumn Inspirations


There is something so miraculous about this time of year. The way the light is changing, somehow softer yet so vibrant. Sunsets paint the sky with colors that can’t be touched by mere words!! The hottest pinks and the most subtle lavender, inexplicable beauty that makes me stop, stare and lose track of time ….. This powerful sense that all is right and safe and being held dear. It literally leaves me breathing it all in, yet breathless at the same moment! We are ┬áblessed and so should be care takers of these gifts. My heart is truly grateful.

I have had some time to work in my studio and create new jewelry. This year has really grown for my business and I am always so thankful and stunned by it! Here are a few new pieces.


Prehnite and turquoise rings

Prehnite and turquoise rings

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