Monthly Archives: September 2013

Finding my way home….


My, oh my…. It has been a long while since I’ve even taken a glance this way, so many wonderful things going on. Summer has been really great in every way. The weather has been perfect, the beach just lovely and I’ve had lots of studio time to really tap into the essence of my creative soul. Now it’s time to reconfigure my time for teaching, doing art shows and finding that calm slow space in which to create. Trying to hurry it doesn’t work even a little, so I’m learning to slow down and let it happen the way it should. What has really helped me was taking the True Center class offered by the super, real deal Kelly Clark. Her blog and business is called Umber Dove and I highly suggest you check her out, just the most amazing in every way. Her philosophy, free spirit and raw, amazing artistic ability  is ridiculous!!!! I learned so, so much. Thank you, Kelly!

As we await the arrival of fall, my favorite season,  I think it is a wonderful time to reflect on the bounty of miracles  that await us everyday, if we just look and listen… the sighing of the wind, the rustle of leaves, owls welcoming the night sky and the warming of our very own hearts By those we love. May we be ever grateful, kind and most of all loving.


Here are a few pictures of designs I’ve been working on.

Beautiful, sparkly blue set in fine and sterling silver

Beautiful, sparkly blue set in fine and sterling silver

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