Monthly Archives: June 2013



I’ve had the uncanny feeling of late that I need to stretch, explore and just check out new stuff. I’ve decided to take an e-class and am excited about it. The class is one that I think will help me stay inspired artistically and teach me loads of new things. Can’t wait. Also after talking to a good friend we decided to just slow down. As we were chatting of upcoming events, jobs and life in general, we were already at the end of summer. I say no way! Just simmer down and let it be. No crazy projecting of time and living in the future. Be Here Now!! Okie dokie, I will. It’s a good place to be. The time I’ve been spending in the studio has been really productive and I feel so blessed to have the wonderful support of loyal customers. A big, huge thanks to all of you, you know who you are!! Enjoy the beauty of the summer loveliness…..singing birds, sunshine, beaches, pools, happy hours, flip flops and tank tops. These are a few of the goodies I’ve been working on. image image image image image image