Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Forgetful Sloth


Yesterday I was about to post my blog when cyberspace came along and somehow ate it. That was not for naught because now the plot thickens. At first I was telling about how I have felt kinda slothy this winter… slow, and not my usual energetic self. Blah, blah, blah…. It’s true I have felt that way at times. Not a bad thing, just different for me. It’s been cold and wet, very wet, and oh did I mention dark too early. My friends may claim I’m not a sloth because I’m usually very energic  but I think it’s more of mental thing. Sloths are cute but, you know, slowish. Anyhow, today I  managed to even shock myself by doing something I have never done in my entire 54 years on the planet. I forgot I had to go to work. Not forgot so much as didn’t even have a clue all week that I was on the schedule at all. In my defense I don’t work a whole lot at the Good Earth Market a lot during the school year because I teach preschool and have my jewelry business to keep up with. As I puttered around the house cleaning and dreaming of how in an hour or so I’d be out in my little studio working on the many jewelry ideas that keep coming…  the phone rang and I am thankful for that!! My friend was telling me that I was to open the store 5 minutes ago. Well, I will say I freaked out, just a tad. I was not dressed and still made it there in the overdrive time of like 10 minutes.  I am a new and humbled woman, no longer a forgetful sloth. I’ll bet you the farm, I’ll never do that again. So no new jewelry to show you as I was working elsewhere today…… ha, ha!! P.S. the days are getting longer it seems, and I’m just chocked full of energy and uber aware of the passage of time!