Monthly Archives: January 2013

3 Little Birdies


Life can be random in a great way sometimes.  As I sat at  my table Friday afternoon, working on some new jewelry, I heard a bird hit the glass door. This has happened a lot in the past so I bought special stickers to put on the windows that are supposed to scare them away…… Didn’t work that time. So I ran outside to see if I could save it. As I held it in my hand I noticed another little chickadee  right behind me so I picked that one up as well. It sure seemed weird to me that 2 birds flew into the window at the same time. Then I noticed that about 10 feet away on the deck there was another chickadee just sitting there. Now I’m holding 3 little birds, it’s freezing cold, I have no coat but I walk into the woods in my back yard and as the 1st one flies away the other  2 start flapping their wings and take off .  Yay!!!  I was so happy that they were all fine and it was so special to be able to hold them and make sure they were o.k. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how fragile and precious all life is. I took some new pictures on Friday as well.

Poppy jasper and handmade link necklaceimageimageimage


iPad blog take 2….


I have joined the cyber world for sure now that I have an iPad!! This is my 2nd attempt to post a blog and pictures, wish me luck. It sure is a nifty gadget and a huge time sucker but I am enjoying it very much. I love the camera and all of the bells and whistles. Even with all of this entertainment, I’ve still managed to make some new jewelry. Also enjoying the nature right outside my back door.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

just a little dabbling along the way….


This is the time of year that I find whether or not I have things to do, there’s always time to make soup, read a good book, play a little and get  into my p.j’s as soon as it gets dark…. not everyday but as much as I can. I’ve been letting myself get into whatever comes into my brain as far as jewelry making goes, and rolling with it. Lately I’m loving to make new earrings and doing lots of rivets. I know that spring and all of the art shows are right around the corner but for now I’m going to pretend that I have all the time I want…. to just dabble. Well, at least this week! Here are a few new pieces. Happy hibernation!!