Monthly Archives: October 2012

Mom Nature On A Rampage!!


Just checking in to say we’re safe here and hope everyone else is too and that those who were hard hit will get help to be safe.  What a storm, perfect or not, it rocked! It also gave me 3 days off  of work to be in the studio or at my bead table {dining room/ middle of everything!!} I was able to list a few items on etsy and really aim to do more soon. Kind of a stumbling block for me because of the typing/time thing. I’d definitely rather be in the work shop.  I’ll post pictures later, until then….


Losing Track of Time…..


I don’t know about you, but to me, time can be very illusive. Some days I feel like I have all the time I need, the next day I’m running to catch up. To be present minded and in the moment isn’t always easy but is always awesome when I manage to do it!! That’s when magic happens….in every aspect of life.  I’ve been loving trying new ideas and letting my imagination go wherever it wants to roam. Seems like I may not get as much done but it makes me smile anyway. Just a few new pieces to share. Have a great weekend.

Mismatched Earring Challenge Reveal


I was lucky enough to be paired up with Skye of Both of us, unbeknownst to each other, sent two pairs instead of one. I love both of mine, funky, whimsical and very me!! This is the 2nd challenge I’ve done and I just love doing them. It really makes me stretch my imagination and be even more creative. Thanks, Skye!! Here are some pictures of what she sent me. O.k., had a problem, first no pictures, then, well, you see…. lots of pics. and couldn’t fix it!!! Here are the other “hoppers”, check them out!! This was really fun. If you’ve ever considered doing any kind of jewelry swap/blog…. I say go for it!!

Lisa Liddy
Charlene Jacka