Monthly Archives: September 2012

Leaves are falling……


Autumn is my favorite time of year. Could be that it’s when I got married,  34 years ago on the 27th, or just the clean smell of the not so humid air and the rich fall colors in nature. I’m also back to teaching preschool and loving it, but getting used to that pace as well… like having eyes in the back of my head…and keeping up!

Things change so fast that before you know it the holidays will be rolling around…. but it’s all good. For some reason I always seem to feel a little bit lazy this time of year although not uninspired, just lumpy! It never lasts for too long and I’ve been working all day today in my work shop. New ideas are popping up and coming to fruition. I’ll post more soon, here are a few.




yART Sale


Every Labor Day weekend my friends, Julie and Nick Kypreos, host the coolest art show in their yard. 15 vendors or so, all local artists, pitch their tents and sell their wares. I am honored to be one of them. Everything from hand blown glass to clothing, knitwear, jewelry, photography, woodworking and more, all in the yard, or yART as they call it! People from all over the area come to check it out. The weather at the beach was pretty bad all weekend, biting flies, no breeze and otherworldly hot, so folks just came out in droves to shop. This years’ charity was Make A Wish Foundation and close to 4,000 was earned by the Chinese auction pieces that artists donated. The rain held out until after we all packed up on Sunday but it was crazy hot! I look forward to this show every year, seeing old friends and making new ones. I had a great weekend and want to thank everyone that came out to support all of the local artists, but an especially huge thank you, hugs and lots of  love  to Nick and Julie for their tireless work, amazing generosity and community spirit. You guys rock!! Here are a few pictures of the days events, artists…