Monthly Archives: August 2012

Girls Day Out and About


I always start to feel a little melancholy this time of year, it’s not a bad thing, just different. My birthday is right around the corner {thanks Mom, miss you everyday} and Autumn is in the air, soon I hope. Schools are in upstart mode and I’ll be going back to my kiddies on September 6th. It’s really a time of change in so many ways, I kind of love it! Today is all about girls shopping, chatting, laughing and all around… well, just girlfriend time! The best kind of day really, no agenda, no cooking, no housework…. YES!! We all need days like this as often as we can make them happen. It’s better than therapy and cheaper.. except for the shopping part!

This weekend is labor day and the yART Sale at 33258 Kent Avenue, Bethany Beach, Delaware, a few miles from my home. I’ve been doing it for as long as it’s been happening… maybe 6 years? It’s an awesome good time. Lots of local artists, kids stuff and live music….Check it out if you can. Saturday and Sunday from 9-3. I’ll take lots of pictures and post them next week. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.


Such A Good Thing…..


I am so happy that I stepped out of the box and took part in the bead soup that Lori Anderson put together. She really did an awesome job. Thanks soooo much, Lori!! I was a little nervous with all of the talent out there but was happy with my designs and loved the entire process. I hope to take part in this next year but would also like to participate in other similar swaps…. If anyone out there has info. and ideas about this please let me know. Now, back to the work table!

The Big Reveal!!! This Has Been Fun!!


Well it’s finally time to post pictures of what I did with the bead soup that Cheryl Foiles sent me. At first I was trying real hard to do something super different and fancy. After pondering on it i decided to make something that I would love to wear and that is usually more simple and straight forward. I love the feather pendant and all of the beads she sent, especially the czech glass and agate. I decided to make a long lariat using all of the beads she sent me and a few of my own. This is what I came up with.

I also had the beautiful carved tree agate from Cheryl and I wanted to really show it off. I kept it simple and wire wrapped stones all around it and added 2 types of chains and the spiral clasp that Cheryl sent me. So here are a few pictures of that. I haven’t been doing as much beading as I used to do but this was really fun. I have never before taken part of any kind of bead swap, soup, exchange or??…. I have enjoyed this a lot. I definitely know what I would do differently/better next time. That is, send more goodies to the recipient…. and be more varied on said goodies!! Anyhow, it’s been an interesting and fun challenge. I hope Cheryl had fun with what I sent her, can’t wait to see it! Thanks, Cheryl, and a big thatnks to Lori for all of her love, information and support for everyone that has taken part in this! What an accomplishment!! Awesome, girl! I hope to do this and other challenges in the future!

Where Did That Month Go???


I’m usually very aware of the passage of time, it’s precious to me. I don’t want to miss anything but wow, it’s August already! How is this possible? Oh well, it’s been a great summer so far and will be even better in a couple of weeks when my family comes to visit. I’ve been busy in the studio and having some great ideas coming to fruition. I want to urge everyone to check out the other bloggers that are participating in the bead soup exchange Check it out. I will having my reveal on August 21st so stay tuned. This is the 1st time I’ve done anything like this and I love it but do find it challenging. I have new studio pics so let’s see if I can show you….