Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hot Fun In The Summertime!!!


Well, it’s really not hot in my studio, but it’s steamy outside for sure. While having dinner with my friend, Brooke, on Tuesday, she pulls a bag full of sea glass out of her purse and asks me to have a look and take a few things if I like. Well, I like!! I have never worked with sea glass but think it’s beautiful and love seeing it bezel set. So, off I go!!  It needs a bit more polishing but I love it!!

I also have been working on a few other new things. Let me know what you think. I’ve always liked the look of leather added into designs, so I’ve sourced eco leather scraps that I’m incorporating into some new designs.




Some days I just feel very inspired. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather or the singing birds in the back yard. Could be my adorable but lazy cat stretched out on the deck or possibly that my new studio is coming along really well. Probably a little bit of everything. I never would have imagined all of those years ago when I started my beading “hobby” that I’d have my own studio with all of the space I need for everything I use, my tools, soldering equipment, hammering, sawing and so much storage ….  By Monday, I should be able to get out there and really organize everything just the way I want it. It’s kind of a dream come true for me. I’ll post a few pictures of how it’s coming along and some new designs as well. I feel like having a big party in my studio when it’s all finished!!



Bead Soup Stuff


Here are some pictures of my bead soup mix, cool stuff. I’ll be working on some ideas of what to make from it, any ideas are welcome!

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Jump In The Pool!!


Since we didn’t get our girls week at the beach this summer, today we all went to Pam’s house for a pool party. Her family including 6 grandchildren were all there for at least part of the day. What fun! They’re all so cute and individual, we had a blast, then… nap time…. for them. So we hung out in the quiet and chilled in the pool with a few refreshing drinks, snacks and girl talk. In my book, there’s nothing better.  Friends give life such a beauty that is so special and unique and very personal. I think we all should make the time to cherish our friends and let them know how much they mean to us. Don’t know what I’d do without my girls, sisters included! Much love and many thanks to all of the wonderful friends in my life. I feel blessed for sure. You all rock!!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to work…..maybe