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Some New Stuff



Happy 4th of July week to all!

It’s been so hot that I decided to forgo outside activity today and work in my new COOL studio space!! YAY!!! Not everything is finished but the new wall ac/heat unit and my fan are in and working well. What a difference it makes to be comfortable when I’m working. Soon I’ll have my new storage unit, better lighting and then I’ll really be rolling.  In the meantime here are a few new things I’ve been working on.


Stepping Out Of The Box…..


I’ve never been in a bead swap or round robin so I’m very excited to be a part of the Bead  Soup  Blog  Party this summer. My partner is Cheryl Foiles, owner of . We send each other a focal bead or metal piece…, clasp and any other trinkets we think they may like and use. I can’t wait!! On August 25th  we post pictures of what we’ve made on our blogs and then blog hop to check out as many as we can! Stay tuned for more information as we go along.

My updated studio/garage is coming along. Tuesday the exhaust fan and ac/heating wall unit are both being installed. My husband has extended my counter and purchased another big cabinet for lots of storage space. Needless to say, I’m super excited and can’t wait to get it all organized and set up. The best part is that he thinks what I do deserves an awesome and comfortable studio space.  Love, love, love him!! I’ll be posting pictures soon.

Wrong On So many Levels!


Once again while trying to add lots of pictures… to make my blog look awesome, I somehow lost most of it and published the rest of it… unfinished. I am still learning and probably going too fast to keep up with myself!  Anyhow, changing gears is always an adventure for me. Now that preschool is over for this year, I’m back to work at the Good Earth Market and loving it. This is the 8th season for the market and it’s great. We have a new Cafe on the premises and the food is so yummy. All of my recent jewelry shows were really awesome, thanks to my loyal customers, old and new. You all make my life richer and more wonderful because I get to do what I love, create art jewelry. Many, many thanks. I am hoping to get lots of quality studio time in this summer. My sweet husband is making my work space even better by adding an exhaust fan, air conditioner/heating unit and more counter and storage space for me. I am very excited. I think it will really help me to be even more productive and organized. He’s the best!

 Soon I’ll be spending a week in Myrtle Beach with 3 best friends, our annual girls week. My friend Pam owns a gorgeous condo with beach views and lots of shopping and restaurants… close by. We always have the best time and get to do whatever we want for an entire week! Can’t wait! So enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoor stuff while you can. As always, thanks for visiting my blog.