What a Weekend!


Boy, where to start?? Traveling to Richmond is always great unless you get stuck in traffic which I did, but no matter, it was all very good.  I get to see my family and  shop… what could be better? As always, I stopped at my 2 favorite bead stores and found some super cool stuff. I did a show at my sister’s home on Thursday and met some wonderful ladies. Cindy is one of my all time fav’s of course! On Friday my sister, Beth, and I went to Fredericksburg, VA. to do a jewelry show at a beautiful little shop called Under The Under Mango Tree owned by my dear friend Vivian West. What a sweet little town, so old and quaint, just gorgeous. She has carried my jewelry since she opened her doors and it was so great to go and meet  with customers that have bought and loved my jewelry. Very humbling, exciting and all around awesome! I have been asked to do a few very special pieces and feel honored to do so.   Many thanks to Vivian and all of her wonderful friends and customers. I so appreciate their kindness, it means the world to me. Sometimes we all need a boost to let us know that we’re on the right path with what we do and this was a big boost for me!! I came home very inspired to make beautiful and meaningful art jewelry to the best of my ability!

Saturday was Arts In The Park day and it was awesome! I am always so amazed at the creativity, imagination and absolute talent of the artists at this show. Yeah, I definitely showed my support for the artists and made a few really good finds. Below I’ll post some pictures of my visit to Virginia.


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