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See You At The Beach!


It seems to be a busy time for everyone with school ending, summer jobs, Memorial Day, and tourists…. Also 4 or 5 jewelry shows in a row starting in Richmond weeks ago. I am not complaining and am always amazed at the people I meet and how we connect through jewelry. It has a lot of meaning to those who love it and wear it. It’s so much more than a necklace or pair of earrings. It’s an extension of who we are. may sound silly, but it’s true. Just another way to express ourselves, be individuals and find meaning in our lives. It all tells a lovely story. Below are a few new pieces I’ve been working on.



Good Earth Market Art Show News


Such a gorgeous day for an outdoor art show. Just a little windy but really perfect. Lots of folks came by to support the local artists, check out the garden in all of it’s splendor and the new Birch Tree Cafe at the market.  So much going on and a lot of good energy in the air. The show was very successful and as always I saw many loyal customers from years past and new ones as well. Thanks to all of them I get to do what I love, create jewelry that speaks to them and to me as well. Happy, happy!! Making money is great and we all need to do that but I totally love seeing people discover pieces that mean something to them or to the person that they’ll give it to. It’s a really special feeling. I took a few new booth pictures that are o.k., I still need to work on them. Now I’m pooped and will sleep well tonight. 

Busy, Busy, Busy!


It’s been kind of a surreal  few weeks.  After going to Richmond and having family here from Virginia and Oklahoma,  which was so great, I’ve been preparing for lots of shows, two of which are happening this Saturday. Thanks to my good friend, Jane, I can almost be in 2 places at one time.  She will be at the Salisbury School this Saturday, May 19th,  for their first art show from 9-3. I’ll be at the Good Earth Market for their 9th annual spring art show  from 9-3 as well.  I’m excited to be a part of both shows. To have wonderful local venues of which I can be a part of, to me, is the best of all worlds.  I’ve also been enjoying all of the wild life in our yard, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and deer. I love spring!! I hope everyone else is drinking it in and loving this beautiful weather. Soon it will be hot and muggy!! Pool weather….I’ll post more pictures soon.

What a Weekend!


Richmond Bound!!


Ready To Roll

I’m so excited to travel south to see my fantastic family for a long weekend and do 2 small jewelry shows. Richmond is such a diverse and wonderful city. So much to see and do. The shopping is great as well!  Two awesome bead shops that I love and always visit when I’m in town are  Fandanglebeadstore on the west side of town and on Cary Street. I’ll be hanging out with my family and going to on Saturday, so cool, over 400 very talented art vendors. It’s a really incredible show.   Thursday my sister, Beth, has invited friends and co-workers to her home to have a peek at my jewelry and on Friday I’ll be in Fredericksburg Virginia having a show at Under The Mango Tree from 10-12. My friend Vivian owns the shop and it’s my first time visiting her new place. I can’t wait! My etsy shop will be closed until Sunday night. Wishing everyone a spectacular weekend. I’m sure I’ll have some goodies to post in the beginning of the week.