Phew, what a day!!


I am so thrilled that I was finally able to get something up and running! As I said before, my friend Kim helped me get this all set up and even though I still have lots of stuff to set up on the blog site, I feel very connected! To say my cyber skills are limited is a crazy understatement but I hope to get there someday. Meanwhile, it’s a huge accomplishment for me to have gotten this far.  {thanks Kim} Soon I will be either doing a shop here or on etsy. I also want to put stuff on pinterest. I’ll keep you posted, because now I can!! There are so many exceptional artists, writers and designers…. on the planet that it’s just so cool to be able to share.  Talk to me about any and everything. Happy Spring……


About turtlemoondesigns

Sky watcher, dreamer, seeker, stone hoarder.... Finding a love and growing passion for metalsmithing happened as a later in life discovery. I taught preschool for 23 years, but started doing metal work as a hobby about 13 years ago. All I can say is that I get lost and found in it. Three years ago I "retired" from teaching, I'm way too young for that! Now I follow my muse, and feel more filled up in my heart and soul than I could have ever imagined, but I do miss those sweet little faces too!! What a truly amazing thing this has become, my life! Please feel free to contact me with questions or for custom work.

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