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Beautiful Sunny Sunday


It almost feels like spring … again. The farmers market had some heavenly herbs that I planted and I love the flowering plants that are blooming in the house as well. I did get some pictures of the home show, after the fact, but at least I got a few before we deconstructed it. My friend Paula’s clothes are so nice, very talented! I love my new table cloths that my sister made for me too.  It was a really nice turn out and it was great to see so many friends. Here are a few pictures. Have a great week.ImageImageImagecturesImagerImagees of ImageeverythingImageImageImageImageImageImage


Great Night


Many Thanks

Last nights open house was a huge success thanks to awesome friends, loyal customers and talented artists. The food and wine… didn’t hurt either. So a huge hug and many thanks to all of the wonderful customers that supported local artists  and all of the artists for sharing their talents. I had every intention of taking lots of photos to post, but as they say, the best laid plans….At the end of the evening I saw my camera laying on the table, never once touched. I guess I was having too much fun and too busy! Oh well, maybe next time.

I’ll be in Fredericksburg and Richmond Virginia next weekend doing a little showing at my friend, Vivian’s shop, Under The Mango Tree and a home show at my sister’s house. We’ll be going to Richmond’s Arts In The Park festival as well. It’s an awesome show with over 400 vendors of every type of art imaginable. I participated in it one year and will most likely do it again next year. If you’re ever down that way the first weekend of May, it is really worth the time to check it out. O.K. now I’m off to work with the kiddies. Have a great day!

That’s What I Call Relaxing!


Almost A day At The Beach

Every time I see this picture of my kitty girl, Cathy, {don’t ask about her name it’s my husband’s doing} I have to smile. She is the definition of living life right. So spoiled but so deserving, unconditional love and all of that. Not very lady like though I must say.

After the open house tonight I hope to have a day or two like that relaxing in the sun. It has been a busier than usual few weeks but all good. I have loads of new jewelry pieces and am excited to kick the season off. Also, it’s a fun party and we’ll  get to see friends we may not have seen in a while, so we can catch up. I just love spring, sneezing and all. Lots of green plants, singing birds, short sleeves and best of all no socks! Yay for sandals.

Rainy Sundays Are The Best


There’s just something special about a rainy Sunday. It’s a great reason to do nothing, or to do a lot, like cleaning parts of your house you forgot about for the past year…. I spent most of the day doing that kind of stuff

and getting some new things listed on etsy. I’ve finally started the shop again and try to do a little every day. Check it out with the link above my blog.
My first show of the season is an open house/happy hour this Wednesday, the 25th at my friend Paula’s house. Every year we do this in the spring at her home and in the fall at mine. It’s a lot of fun and not too much work. There will be 6 or 7 artists selling their wares, lots of food, drinks, shopping and friendship. Always a good time.

New Stuff to Play With….


Wow, it’s been a crazy week! Spring break flew by but not before I went to Beadfest with my friend and fellow artist, Shelby. We had a fun if not very long day and I picked up lots of new and really cool stuff.  We got to finish the trip off with a classic rip your hair out rush hour in Philly and then some good  Mexican food and a margarita or 2…. say no more on that. It was worth it!!

Now the only problem is trying to find a BIG block of  time to hide away in my garage studio and create. Once I get home from teaching the wee ones at preschool, I need to change gears and get a move on. Also, the gorgeous weather is beckoning me to plant stuff and spread that yard of mulch laying in front of my house. Oh well, it’ll all get done eventually. I did finish a few things that I’ll post as soon as I photograph them.

Ready For Some Fun!


O.K., so far my spring break has been lots of work at the Good Earth Market, which I love, but now I’m ready to play. Looking forward to studio time all day tomorrow and hanging out with friends in the evening. On Friday I’m going to the bead show near King Of Prussia in Pa.  Getting excited!! I’ve never been to that particular show and am really looking forward to seeing new and inspiring things and hanging out with my friend Shelby for the day. Check out her beautiful jewelry at, she’s really an awesome artist. I hope to find some great cabachons, new beads, metals and whatever else speaks to me. I’m sure I’ll be hearing lots of voices…. Again, I’ll post a few things I’ve made.

Happy, Happy Easter


What a gorgeous day. Fed the birds and the cats, took a nice long walk , made a big breakfast for my husband and now I’m ready to do some creating. It really isn’t usually work because I love doing it. Here are a few more pictures of stuff Ive been working on. I’m still figuring out how to navigate the blogging world…. and pin things on pinterest. Slow but sure….