I hear so clearly what my muse has to tell me if I only slow for a bit. Personally, I have a difficult time not being in motion. I’m not a good sitter arounder unless the company is stellar or I really need to be alone. But my muse, she knows and sneaks up on me always at the exactly perfect moment and whispers ever so gently……take a breath and listen…feel….observe…..go inward….be grateful! This is when I’m in the moment, which is THE  ONLY PLACE TO BE!! This life and breath and beauty is what we are meant for. It really is that simple and gorgeous. 

Now that it’s the time of year for art shows, I’m geared up and ready. Here are a few new pieces. I mostly don’t take a lot of pics because I’m not the best at it and would rather be making. But I’m working on it! Played around with some precious metal clay last week. It really is so much fun. Happy wishes and big love to you all. 

How do we ever know…..


Everyday….and minute…..and second we breathe, is creation happening. Ebb and flow….awake, asleep, dreaming, conscious….breath in and exhale….in and out….yin and yang……expand and contract……. This, this is life! That simplicity, yet more complex than our minds can wrap around, it just astounds me!! Sometimes it’s almost too trying to contemplate it all but impossible not to. Winter brings about in me a total immersion of life’s cycles, like it or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes, not so much. It can be too much solitude, then, boom, crazy!! I focus well and plan……create…..and prepare. Soon things will burst up from the earth and I’ll live in the wonder of that, all the while smiling and thinking, yes, and so it goes….. I’m really not good at photographing new work, lazy about it, actually, but here are a few…..



Time is such an oddity to me. Days, weeks, minutes, seconds…..quickly flying or a slow drag, a total enigma wrapped in a riddle!! The trick, I know, is to be in every moment. As awesome a concept that is, it’s not always easy. With every passage of time I am realizing how fleeting it can be if you don’t hold it in your heart and feel it, really LIVE it. Not to sound cliche but I am just so very blessed that I can do what I love and I have such amazing support in every way. It empowers and humbles me at the same time. Thanks  to every and all of you, my heart is huge with it!!

Looking up


My oh my, it’s been so long since I last visited here. Life’s ebb and flow seems to keep me in a state of perpetual motion  whichever way the wind is blowing! Summer’s knowing sun and explosions of color sprinkled everywhere fills me with a joyous longing and a quickened step. Make hay while the sun shines, as they say. I love the lushness and verdant green of the woods and her hidden surprises of color, the symphony of birdsong, tree frogs, crickets and all the others that sing along. Days are long and filled to the brim with a good balance of family, friends, work and beach. I do count my blessings and am ever so grateful. I also feel very inspired with my work, just getting lost in it and dreaming of what’s to come next, not exactly obsessed…..well, maybe a tad!
Soooo, slowing down, breathing, looking up to the sky, feeling so much gratitude and enjoying the rest of the summer, that’s what I think we should all do. Drink it in!

Cave Dancing


I’m finding a new rhythm in my life this year and it’s been amazing, I am so blessed. After teaching preschool for 24 years, I left that life to make jewelry full time. I won’t say I never had a day that I didn’t second guess my decision, but not too many!! It just feels so very right.

My workshop is in our garage which my husband gave up and fixed up for me. It’s a great space, I call it the girl cave. For me it’s a creative zone filled with inspiration, tools, stones, color and so much possibility. My heart and soul are filled with gratitude. At least once a day I stop and do a little dancing around in the cave and just feel so happy!!  As I feel my way through this new life I cannot put into words how thankful I am, especially for all of the people that make it a reality for me to do this work with my heart and hands. To all of my customers/friends I thank you with all of my heart.

Art show season is beginning and I’m participating in quite a few upcoming shows. I am especially thrilled to have been accepted into a show in Lewes Delaware called The Saint Peter Art Show on the Saturday of July 4th weekend. Here are some pictures of what I’ve been working on lately.

image image image image image image

Snowy Memories


As far as bad winters go, we have been really blessed so far compared to so many others across the country. We awoke today to 6 or 8 inches of fluffy, powdery snow which is pretty rare in Delaware, especially near the ocean. We hear threats and promises, this time they delivered. Snow always makes me feel like a kid again even if it’s inconvenient, slippery, cold and a lot of work to move around. Growing up in the suburbs of Maryland, we got hit by lots of blizzards and snow storms. As a kid, I remember getting so bundled up I could barely walk, then sledding, building snow forts and having snowball battles until we were practically frost bitten. Moms would be hollering for their kids to get inside for tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate. We’d warm up and go right back out until we were called in again at dinner time, always hoping for another snow day and no school tomorrow! These memories are so vivid that it could have been last week.

Now our home is nestled in the woods near the Delaware coast which is iffy about snow. I have loads of bird feeders, they have been very busy today as I soon hope to be,  but right this minute I just want to watch and listen to the quiet. My cats are patiently waiting to get outside as my husband has been making a path for them. They enjoy bird watching as well. So many of my orchids and even my Christmas cactus are in bloom, as if to say that winter has no hold on them, for that I’m thankful as they add such a bright spot and a promise that spring will be here before we know it with it’s own beauty and unfolding memories. I have a feeling this will be a good day in the studio! Now if I would just get dressed……

Navigating Trails of the Heart


A friend asked me if I had any new year resolutions  and if so, what they may be. We talked of things past and what was to come and I truly meditated on it this time around. The thing is, as we all realize at some point and as cliche as it sounds, being authentic, true to our own heart and soul and tuned into life is the best we can be not only for ourselves but for the world as a whole. Not just my life’s path or my dreams, but the collected lives of us all are transformed by “being here now.” Yeah, I know, it sounds deep and a little froo froo at the same time but here’s the buzz word, kindness. It takes awareness to be kind, especially when we’re angry, tired, frustrated or in a situation when we’re pissed off and it’s just really hard to be nice. This is what comes from deep inside, once we get passed our own crap and know that this can literally change the world. It’s the most we can give. It’s our heart. You never know what a person has been through,  and sometimes a smile or kind word may be the best thing that’s happened to them that day. But more than that, it transforms who we are, it makes us free and joyous and at peace. It’s healing in a world that desperately needs it. Speaking for myself, it is not always easy to be aware, I sometimes get sucked into stuff like negative conversations, gossip, complaining etc. that’s part of being human but I’m going to do my best to catch it quick and turn it around. My wish for you is a life filled to the brim with love, happiness and dreams realized.

I’ve been working on some new pieces over the holidays and can’t wait to get back at it full time this week. Here’s a peek.

image image image image image image image image