They’re Not Just Words


I am sure that most of us have heard the quote, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Well, in my humble opinion, this could not be more wrong! I think the most important thing we can be in our life, is kind….in our words, deeds and actions. Not always an easy thing. In fact it can be pretty near impossible at times when faced with certain people and situations. It forces us to live in the moment and totally to be aware of the energy exchange. Every morning after I wake up, I give thanks for all of the countless blessings and wonderful things in my life, from the people that I love, my pets, this amazing home that my husband and I have shared for many years, and all of the details that I can think of… Then I challenge myself to live in the moment of that day and every day to follow, to be aware of the impact my words, thoughts and actions have on those around me and also myself, pausing and breathing before reacting. I’m not gonna lie, it is a challenge much of the time, there is so much dissension, blame and intolerance in our country right now, it breaks my heart. Not to sound too Pollyanna, but if we all just tried to find a little more kindness, acceptance and tolerance in our hearts to share with others this world would definitely be a better place.

Here on the East Coast this is been a long, cold, wet and dreary winter. I have spent much of the time by myself in my jewelry studio creating and making and thinking… As I create a piece I mindfully and intentionally infuse it with love and all of the good juju I can muster!!

Let’s all leave lots of kindness in our wake everyday!


Hope and Miracles


Recently my very dear friend had to undergo a bone marrow transplant after she was diagnosed with a blood cancer in late February. The entire process will take about a year from start to finish. It is impossible to describe how this makes me feel as her friend, but I can’t begin to wrap my head around how she feels. So far she has come through this amazingly well and is on the home stretch now. She is a fierce, brave warrior and SO STRONG! We talk most everyday as she is a few hours away to be close to the hospital where she’s been treated. I miss her like crazy and can’t wait to visit as soon as she’s up for it.

Paula loves to make jewelry with me and it’s just so much fun to hang out in my garage studio with her! We have made some hilarious memories for sure, and some gorgeous jewelry. I’ve been busy creating while she’s been healing and I cannot wait until we’re back in the studio creating…..or at happy hour!!



 I hear so clearly what my muse has to tell me if I only slow for a bit. Personally, I have a difficult time not being in motion. I’m not a good sitter arounder unless the company is stellar or I really need to be alone. But my muse, she knows and sneaks up on me always at the exactly perfect moment and whispers ever so gently……take a breath and listen…feel….observe…..go inward….be grateful! This is when I’m in the moment, which is THE  ONLY PLACE TO BE!! This life and breath and beauty is what we are meant for. It really is that simple and gorgeous. 

Now that it’s the time of year for art shows, I’m geared up and ready. Here are a few new pieces. I mostly don’t take a lot of pics because I’m not the best at it and would rather be making. But I’m working on it! Played around with some precious metal clay last week. It really is so much fun. Happy wishes and big love to you all. 

How do we ever know…..


Everyday….and minute…..and second we breathe, is creation happening. Ebb and flow….awake, asleep, dreaming, conscious….breath in and exhale….in and out….yin and yang……expand and contract……. This, this is life! That simplicity, yet more complex than our minds can wrap around, it just astounds me!! Sometimes it’s almost too trying to contemplate it all but impossible not to. Winter brings about in me a total immersion of life’s cycles, like it or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes, not so much. It can be too much solitude, then, boom, crazy!! I focus well and plan……create…..and prepare. Soon things will burst up from the earth and I’ll live in the wonder of that, all the while smiling and thinking, yes, and so it goes….. I’m really not good at photographing new work, lazy about it, actually, but here are a few…..



Time is such an oddity to me. Days, weeks, minutes, seconds…..quickly flying or a slow drag, a total enigma wrapped in a riddle!! The trick, I know, is to be in every moment. As awesome a concept that is, it’s not always easy. With every passage of time I am realizing how fleeting it can be if you don’t hold it in your heart and feel it, really LIVE it. Not to sound cliche but I am just so very blessed that I can do what I love and I have such amazing support in every way. It empowers and humbles me at the same time. Thanks  to every and all of you, my heart is huge with it!!

Looking up


My oh my, it’s been so long since I last visited here. Life’s ebb and flow seems to keep me in a state of perpetual motion  whichever way the wind is blowing! Summer’s knowing sun and explosions of color sprinkled everywhere fills me with a joyous longing and a quickened step. Make hay while the sun shines, as they say. I love the lushness and verdant green of the woods and her hidden surprises of color, the symphony of birdsong, tree frogs, crickets and all the others that sing along. Days are long and filled to the brim with a good balance of family, friends, work and beach. I do count my blessings and am ever so grateful. I also feel very inspired with my work, just getting lost in it and dreaming of what’s to come next, not exactly obsessed…..well, maybe a tad!
Soooo, slowing down, breathing, looking up to the sky, feeling so much gratitude and enjoying the rest of the summer, that’s what I think we should all do. Drink it in!